Andres Goyanes is a marketing communications strategist, innovative entrepreneur, Rotarian, world traveler, and global leadership scholar. His work across multiple competencies has earned him a reputation for excellence and dedication to helping others fulfill their potential.

Andres Goyanes - Cross-Cultural Leadership

Global Citizen

A dedicated marketing strategist, Andres is also passionate about global citizenship, sustainable business, and communicating value, actively speaking at professional organizations and trade associations on a variety of topics of critical importance in the global business environment.

Andres Goyanes - ShelterBox Ambassador through Rotary

Transformational Leader

As a creative and critical thinker, Andres’ doctoral research has focused on Transformational, Authentic, and Servant Leadership styles, along with the effect of cultural intelligence (CQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and social intelligence (SQ) on 21st-century leadership philosophies.

Andres Goyanes - Lecture on Global Leadership and Sustainability

Cross-Cultural Educator

Cross-cultural communication is a key competency in the 21st century, with the power to bring the world closer and into alignment. The outcome of good communication between cultures is always better international relations, human understanding, and hopefully, a peaceful future.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

University of Central Florida

Master of Business Administration

Marylhurst University

Ph.D. Student in Global Leadership

Troy University

Developing a New Generation of Global Leaders

Andres Goyanes is a doctoral student at Troy University, in the final phase of the Ph.D. in Global Leadership—a continuing education effort he balances by teaching International Management and Customer Relations at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

Beyond academia, Andres also facilitates seminars, courses, and workshops on cross-cultural communication and career development topics. In addition, he serves in a volunteer leadership role as Director of the Rotary Leadership Institute for Rotary District 6980 in Central Florida.

Adding to his teaching and facilitation skills, Andres is also a certified DiSC Personality Test facilitator as an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, working with organizations that seek to improve their output through better organizational leadership and interpersonal communication. The opportunity to share his knowledge, experience, and insight allows Andres to give back and contribute to the growth and development of new global leaders in the 21st century.

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Andres Goyanes with fellow classmates and professors at Troy University
Andres Goyanes at Lloyds of London

Cross-Cultural Leadership & Communication

Andres Goyanes’ education in Global Leadership, Sustainable Business, and Marketing Strategy is complemented by his extensive world travel experience and cross-cultural knowledge. Global exposure has helped him engage the opportunity to communicate the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity in the globalized workplace.

In 2021, Andres founded the Center for Global Alchemy and Cross-Cultural Leadership to research, explore, and communicate the virtues of effective global leadership. The Center’s mission is to educate and prepare global-minded individuals who can navigate through the complexity of globalized organizational environments where people from different cultures, religions, and national backgrounds collaborate with respect towards each other.

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Rotary Volunteering and Leadership

A follower of Servant Leadership, Andres Goyanes has dedicated more than 15 years of his life as a Rotarian. Throughout his Rotary “career,” Andres has served across a spectrum of leadership roles—first in the Rotary Club of Lake Buena Vista at Walt Disney World, then as Founding President of the Rotary Club of International Drive in Orlando’s most vibrant hospitality community, and now as a District Leader in the role of District Governor in 2022-2023.

Andres is also a ShelterBox Ambassador, helping this global disaster relief organization help families in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters. He is dedicated to serving Rotary in any capacity to ensure the organization meets its goal of doing good in the local and global community.

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Andres Goyanes with Past Rotary President Jennifer Jones and fellow Past District Governor Michael Kesti